‘Hope the Elephant’ YouTube launch – River’s Gift

Today, on Australia’s biggest day for SIDS awareness, The Mik Maks and River’s Gift have released a new music video to the song ‘Hope the Elephant’, the River’s Gift mascot. It’s bright, colourful and kids all over the world will love it. It also sends the very powerful message of uniting together to help ‘Stamp Out SIDS’.

River’s Gift is one of the largest sources of funding for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) research in Australia. They have generated over $1 million to help fund research, provide safe sleep education and build awareness to reduce the incidence of SIDS.

Now we need you help! By commenting on, liking and sharing the Hope the Elephant video on YouTube,  the word will spread far and wide.

You can help Hope the Elephant make a difference to families around the world.


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