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Best Kids Live Show – Judged by What’s On 4 Kids

The Mik Maks were recently declared ‘Best Kids Live Show’ at the 2018 What’s On 4 Kids Awards.  Brothers Joel and Al along with ‘Drums’ the Panda perform over 200 shows across Australia a year. The boys are also quickly becoming a hit online with The Mik Maks music videos getting over 1,000,000 streams a day.


Joel is energetic and passionate and aims to give every child a unique experience. He is the eldest of the brothers. Keep up with his dance moves if you can.



Hitting a power note or wowing the crowd with a ballad, Al’s joking telling ability must be seen to be believed. His voice is the core of The Mik Mak sound. Al is the second eldest of the brothers.


drums‘Drums’ the Panda

He’s our big old friend, he’s so much fun, he’s the cuddly one, his name is Drums. ‘Drums the Panda’ brings the magic to The Mik Mak stage and yes…he really is the worlds best drumming Panda!”

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